Semester Wise Breakup

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Semester 1
FST-101Introduction to Food Science and Technology(3,0)
CY-221 &
Inorganic and Organic Chemistry(2,1)

MA-110/ FST-102

Elective Course 

Basic Mathematics/Basic Biology


(3,0) /(3,0)

HU-111LCommunication Skills(0,1)
IS-101/HU-101Islamic and Pakistan Studies – I (Muslim students)
or Ethics and Pakistan Studies – I (non-Muslim students)
ES-105Psychology & Ethics(2,0)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FST-103Principles of Human Nutrition(3,0)
FST-104 & FST-104LFood Chemistry(2,1)
CMPE- 112 & CMPE-112LFundamentals of Programming and Data Science(3,1)
MA-118Applied Mathematics and Statistics(3,0)
PHY-113 &
Applied Physics(2,1)
QT-101Translation of Holy Quran-I(1,0)


Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FST-201Occupational Safety, Health & Environment(2,0)
FST-202 &/FST-202LSustainable Agriculture(2,1)
FST-203 &/FST-203LHorticulture(2,1)
FST-204 &/FST-204LFood Microbiology(2,1)
FST-205 &/FST-205 LFluid Mechanics(2,1)
IS-201&/HU-201Islamic and Pakistan Studies – II (Muslim students) or Ethics and Pakistan Studies – II (non-Muslim
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FST-206 &/FST-206LEntomology(2,1)
FST-207Plant Pathology(2,0)
FST-208 &/FST-208LFood Processing & Preservation(2,1)
FST-209 &/FST-209LFood Biochemistry and Biotechnology(2,1)
FST-210 &/FST-210LUnit Operations in Food Processing(2,1)
HU-221LTechnical Writing and Presentation Skills(0,1)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
MGT-413Project Management and Entrepreneurship(2,1)
FST-301Food Plant Layout(2,0)
FST-302 &/FST-302LFood Technologies I(3,1)
FST-303 &/FST-303LFood Processing-I(2,1)
FST-304Sustainable Food Production(2,0)
FST-305Fruit and Vegetable Processing(2,0)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FST-307 &/FST-307LFood Analysis(2,1)
FST-308Food Toxicology and Safety(2,0)
FST-309Community Nutrition and Dietetics(2,0)
FST-310Post-harvest Technologies(2,0)
FST-311 &/FST-311LFood Technologies- II(3,1)
FST-312 &/FST-312LFood Processing – II(2,1)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FST-401 &/FST-401LFood Technologies III(3,1)
FST-402Food Product Development(3,0)
FST-403 &/FST-403LFood Extrusion Technology(2,1)
FST-404Food Preservation and Packaging(2,0)
FST-405 &/FST-405LResearch Projects and Scientific Writing(1,1)
FST-406Final Year Project-I(0,3)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FST-407 &/FST-407L Sensory Evaluation of Foods (2,1)
FST-408 Food Laws and Regulations (2,0)
FST-409 Marine Food Processing Technology (2,1)
FST-410 & /FST410L Milk and Meat Hygiene and Public Health (2,1)
FST-411 Food Quality Management (2,0)
FST-412 Final Year Project-II (0,3)
QT-401 Translation of Holy Quran IV (1,0)